terms of service


hey :) below are the Ts & Cs. these are pretty run-of-the-mill, and ensure we always work together happily. 

here's the main point:

as you know, casualsex.store organises, fulfils + manages all the shipping of artist's work and products, from their doors to the buyers'. it is the artist's sole responsibility to ensure they pack their orders properly and safely for the journey. 

here's the full-detail, official version:

by creating a 'store' on the casualsex.store platform, the creator of the store [identified by their email address] becomes the active entity referred to in technical terms as the 'seller' and in all site-wide communications as the 'artist'.

by using casualsex.store as a platform to list and sell merchandise and/or digital products, the seller [hereafter - and in instances on the platform and in all communications - referred to as the 'artist'] agrees to adhere to the following:

• the artist agrees not to list any items that would be considered illegal or incriminating within the country they are made available.

• the artist agrees to remain attentive to the fulfilment of orders as placed by customers on casualsex.store

• the artist agrees to responsibly pack contents for shipping to customers and - if the items are damaged as a result of transit, agrees to work with admin to claim insurance on the items, or otherwise be responsible themselves for the order being re-fulfilled, in full condition, to the paying customer. the artist is responsible for delivery cost of all re-fulfillments that occur as a result of improperly preparing the order for its journey. 
casualsex.store works with couriers that safely delivery hundreds of thousands of items per year, worldwide.

• the artist agrees to be attentive to resolution of the above points should an instance arise requiring dialogue and action between admin, artist and customer arise.

• the artist understands that the platform, for the sake of the future of the platform and the other artists and customers using the platform, is moderated by admin: should admin see it necessary to temporarily or permanently remove an artist's store from the platform, admin has full right to do so.

• the artist agrees that both store creation and product upload are moderated by admin. products created and uploaded by the artist are checked by admin, before being made live on the store. 

• the artist agrees to the costs of the store as outlined here, and understands that opening a store is free: should they ever be charged for opening a store on the platform casualsex.store.

• the artist agrees that the world is a rough place, capitalism is unremitting, but if we work together and love ourselves, we can actually have quite a nice time at the end of the day.