shipping policy

GENERAL is a small team, and we work hard to get your orders out as quickly as possible: but please bear in mind we are not in fast fashion or food, and work directly with artists with their own complex lives, and support artists in their particular aims. 


as you may have noticed, features a checkout cart that is split by artist. this means you checkout your order from each artist separately, and checkout shipping per-artist. think about how this platform differs from a warehousing giant; it makes sense.

this feature also enables the cart to function as a 'wish-list'. browse the store, fill your cart, and checkout on a particular artist's merch when you feel so inspired, or have the money.

our non-warehousing approach is part of's accessibility model: in a country with internationally-unique economic geography [even at local levels], struggling artists should not be limited from selling their work by their own particular lack of access to time or transport to a warehousing space. as such; every artist is a warehouse unto themselves. 

NATIONAL SHIPPING POLICY is partnered with artists across south africa. for this reason, you may well receive your multi-artist orders in different deliveries, as shipping is separate for each artist. 

by shipping and delivery, we mean the costs related to; the manual processing of orders received by the artists, via the internet and's own internal dashboard; the transfer of item waybills to our courier partner; the artist packaging the items for collection; transport from the artist to your door; and handling. we do not guarantee exact delivery times [by nature a regimented delivery-schedule is exclusionary to artists in difficult circumstances], but we do our best to provide accurate estimates.

shipping for items much larger than an [(A3 print/12" music vinyl) + safety packaging] may incur additional charges on shipping, calculated at checkout based on the size, weight and destination of the order . however, for the most part will be taking the brunt of these additional charges on as part of our commission rate. we hope this will further spur artists making sales, and fans nationwide committing to a valuable, rewarding purchase decision for both artist and customer

we work with courier partners selected after weeks of research, meetings and testing. you can find the courier guy shipping policy information on their page. we have been able to apply - for 95% of orders on the site - a flat rate on shipping on our side, from the artist's front door to yours. for many areas that carry extra delivery charges, the additional cost to shipping is carried by, to ensure lower shipping costs for customers, and better sales for artists. 

get one of our [main] local courier's terms + conditions document here


in partnership with courier guy, most standard deliveries are insured to the value of R1000 by courier guy, unless those items are glass or artworks. should such a case occur where insurance claiming is required, admin are happy to work with the artists to prepare and deliver their costs to courier guy, and claim those costs back. 


neither casualsex store nor our shipping partner courier guy shall be liable for any loss or damage to the goods. where customers lodge a claiim and courier guy chooses to accept limited liability as specified herein, then and in such a case, no such claim shall be considered unless the customer and/or artist/sender lodges a claim in writing within 48 hours after delivery of the goods to the recipient. [see courier guy shipping Terms+Conditions for full brief].

we reiterate that claims received after this period shall not be considered. further to the above:
• the courier guy's liability shall not exceed R1,000 [ONE THOUSAND RAND] per consignment;
• the courier guy shall not be liable for indirect or consequential loss or damage to any consignment;
• the courier guy shall not be liable whatsoever for any loss or damages howsoever arising in respect of late or non-delivery of any goods. 

loss or damage to goods

• no responsibility or liability whatsoever shall attach to casualsex store or its employees for any loss or damage to goods unless such loss or damage:
• occurs whilst the goods are in actual care and custody of casualsex store.

neither casualsex store nor the courier guy shall under any circumstance be liable for:
• any loss or damage whatsoever caused by the perishable, fragile or brittle nature of the goods and packaging.
• loss or damage to any parcel exceeding the prescribed size or weight limitations being 1mx1mx1m, and 50kgs.
• notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained or imiplied in the above clause 'loss or damage to goods': no assumption of liability by courier guy or casualsex store is extended to the following: mechanical or electrical goods unless contained in brand new and original packaging. antiques or antiquities of any description, arms, ammunition, live animals of any description, bank and treasury notes, bullion, bulk cargo of any description, cash, deeds, designs, documents, explosives, furs, gold bullion, silver nuggets, models, molds, plans, precious metals, specie, travellers cheques, brass and scrap metal, seafood, fresh produce, frozen goods, aircraft unless courier guy and casualsex store agree in writing prior to the goods being tendered to accept liability for the handling of the items listed in this clause. 


orders for the preceding week are processed on a thursday/friday: courier's collection from the artist is set for a monday/tuesday [artist-dependant], and delivery to customer should occur on a thursday/friday. these are subject to change as we refine the process.

currently, we are unable to service courier deliveries in and out of informal settlements, as this is simply not an option with the majority of sa courier companies for safety reasons. we are currently working on this as a high-priority project, and information will be available here, and posted here when solved. in major ways, this hurdle goes against the long-term plan of the store.

artists will have work/items collected between 9am-2pm
deliveries to customers will likely be made in the same timeframe
both parties will be notified by the courier, by phone-call, on the day of impending collect/deliver. should artists repeatedly fail to be be ready for the courier, and disrupt the delivery system/keep the good people working for courier guy waiting on a non-event, we reserve the right to remove that artist from the store. we will of course first communicate, and work with that artist to solve their process with them.


we ship worldwide. from berlin to remote towns buried in the swiss alps [both of which we've done already], with automated pricing calculations and integration with a trusted worldwide partner. questions? just get in touch with us.

if you’d like to know more about how/when your specific order would ship, please contact

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