welcome to casualsex.store - south africa's first online artist-market. and as a non-warehousing, multi-disciplinary platform, it seems it's the first of its kind - worldwide.

yes, there are platforms similar to ours - in the us - and they’re used by hundreds of south african artists. but, thing is, they’re not built to actively grow artists in any local sense… they’re built to line international pockets, and build the art + music scenes on their home soil.

casualsex.store is here to fight that. cslsx is here to make sure that the talent, inventiveness, and tenacity of south african artists has more than a fighting chance. 

so, what you’ll find here is sa’s first fully-functioning, online market-store - with secure payments; artist store dashboards, checkout-integrated shipping from the artist's front door to yours [at low rates, anywhere - worldwide]; collect-from-artist; local collections browsing. etc. every artist has their own account, control and ownership, with functionality for labels, studios, galleries + collectives to join this local platform too.

and there are still more innovative features, yet to join the ranks. 

it’s clear what cslsx is here to do. BUT our goal is a shared one - understood by countless other south africans: artists, promoters, labels, studios, booking agents, listeners, buyers - and now, hopefully, by you too.

if you like this something you see, get it today, or send it to a friend. 

if you see anything amiss, please let us know here

created over many hundreds of hours of work during sa's lockdown, and fed by over 200 separate conversations with artists + industry, this is casualsex.store . 

from robin, arlin, isa;
happy hunting!

here's a texx & the city feature on casualsex.store
here's one from bubblegum club
find us in the final print edition of the lake, on 10and5 and in cape town etc