my name is robin molteno - I founded/built cslsx, and will guide you here for a 2 minute read.

The Why

casualsex.store [this platform] was not built to be a business, but to address a problem. it manifesting as described below - is circumstance.

''principally, cslsx was formed from certain values; and a core, unshakeable belief in the right to freedom and independence of artists, and the church-and-state division of capitalism-and-creativity. cslsx has paid artists' rents, bought new tattoos, dinners and small freedoms: this is the meaning of the platform.

in essence; if the goal had been business for profit, cslsx would be a coffee shop. I hope that you can experience - or at least feel - what this platform stands for, whether or not you're able to support the artists gathered here.''


The What
casualsex.store is south africa's first online artist market.
and as a non-warehousing, multi-disciplinary platform, it seems it's the first of its kind - worldwide.

yes, there are platforms similar to ours - in the us; the eu - and they’re used by hundreds of south african artists. but, the thing is, they’re not built to actively grow artists in any local sense… they’re built for overseas artists, and to line international pockets.

cslsx is here to fight that. cslsx is here to make sure that the talent, inventiveness, and tenacity of south african artists has a fighting chance. 

so, what you’ll find here is sa’s first fully-functioning, online artist market - integrated with secure payments, low-cost door-to-door shipping, an artist directory, collect-from-artist and artist-centric video content - with even more innovative features yet to join the ranks. principally, it is a toolset. and I built that toolset to be available to all south africans - whether you are in an apartment in the city, or 6km inside a location, with no physical address.

it’s clear what cslsx is here to do.
BUT our goal is a shared one - understood by countless other south africans: artistspromoterslabelsstudios, booking agentslistenersbuyers - and now, hopefully, by you too.

if you like something you see, buy it today, or send it to a friend. 
if you see anything amiss, please let us know here

100% of the store's commission [10.5%] on sales for December + January go toward distributing bio-degradable, cotton sanitary pads in western cape + gauteng informal settlements; sanitary products created by women-owned sa companies. on average, that's 10 sanitary pads every time you support a local artist.

built and founded during capetonian lockdown by robin molteno, and fed by over 100 separate conversations with artists + industry, this is casualsex.store . 

happy hunting.

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find cslsx in the print edition of the lake, on 10and5, in cape town etc, in sludge underground and various other creative community publications. text checked + edited by Arlin Bantam