we all fall down [w/ humanimals] | digital single


we all fall down [w/ humanimals] | digital single

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"Her Stems Spiral along with fellow math-rock enthusiast and BFF Humanimals - one of MoonSwing's oldest contributors worked on this rollercoaster of emotions together around 2013/2014. Somewhat of a lost, forgotten, or just "didn't know what to do with" single arose, as a start to what would soon become a long-awaited split EP between the two similarly like-minded artists (which is still in the works!), and possibly serve as a potential 'test' of what is to eventually come. Filled with oddly placed noodly-guitars, concise drum production and circuit-bent nursery rhyme samples, 'We All Fall Down' is a sign to what will come, and what will be."

All music written, composed and produced by Her Stems Spiral (Shannon Lawlor) & Humanimals (Matthew Watson)

Cover art kinda stolen from a children's book titled "Nancy Plays Nurse" by Diane Sherman (Author), Dorothy Grider (Illustrator)
We do not own the rights!