Vintage Phenomena
Vintage Phenomena
Vintage Phenomena


Vintage Phenomena

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25 x 25 cm Digital Collage printed on A3 Felix Schoeller True Fibre True Matt Hi-White 230gsm  

Artwork by Margaux Loubser

At the special launch price of R290 this artwork is now available in a limited addition of 10 prints. Hand signed by the artist.

Link to the episode that inspired this artwork:

Episode 11

Artist's inspiration:

The allure of vintage objects: 

After speaking about our favourite mugs and crockery, we became interested in the allure of vintage objects. 

Why is it that nowadays we often value vintage objects more? Where does the vintage trend come from? Here are some of the thoughts we had: 

?Vintage objects are often more unique and interesting visually 

?These objects withstood the test of time which in itself is valuable 

?Vintage objects carry sentimental/ nostalgic value which can often evoke memories or tell stories

?Purchasing second hand or vintage objects can be more sustainable or ethical 

?Even mass produced or kitsch objects from another era can become precious because it embodies the values of a different time in history.

?Vintage objects embody the care that was taken in using them over the years inspiring us to take care of them as well.

What are your thoughts?