casualsex.. interesting name?


jokes aside: the goal was to draw attention to the local arts + music scene. If you looked twice, it worked.

Buyers | ordering + shipping

when are orders shipped

weekly. we send our shipping partners your ship-details at the end of the week. they collect your order on Tuesday the following week; fetching safely + delivering efficiently. Just let us know if Tuesday won't work. <3

we ensure you get your orders just in time for the weekend.
spill beer on your new shirt! nice

what is 'collect-from-artist'

a powerfully-local feature.

buyers can skip the [already low] R99 ship-to-your-door rate [country-wide], and collect their order themself:
at a show, exhibition, or outside a coffee shop in the neighboring 'burb, from the artist.

you can select this option in your cart, before checkout. you'll receive an email when your payment reflects, with details on contacting the artist, to arrange a collect-from-artist.

the artist can switch this option on/off

other ways to use collect-from-artist

if you want to support local artists, but don't have that convenient R99 for delivery, filter the results at page ALL ARTIST STORES to show only your city, and find an artist you don’t yet know or do.

buy stuff - collect it later on at shows, decorate your house, buy christmas presents, explore new music too.

try new genres: this is your city, and this is a powerful feature for learning more about the arts world humming around you the store doubles as a local-artist-directory

check out the page ALL ARTIST STORES

what are collections

great question.

collections are an automatic, live display of curated items from local artists.

when an artist adds artwork/an item/a product to their own, they select a tag. eg: merch [t-shirt] or digital music [ep] or oil painting, etc.
once published, the item appears in the relevant collection.

this is key, we believe, to normalising buying from artists: having a central, convenient place the listeners/viewers/lovers can browse through.

we hope to use this feature to collaborate with groups & labels.

dig the idea! how can i help

if you understand what we're trying to achieve and believe in the same things we do: amazing. it's already cool that you're here. this is an ambitious project but one we hope can have a positive impact. art, music and merch has been selling and shipping countrywide, and to almost every continent worldwide. we have seriously cool, innovative plans for the near future.

if you want to help it further: share it, talk about it, use it. get your artist-friends to use it, and your artsy-friends to buy from it. by nature, it's a hive, not a single bee.

Artists | General

how often do artist payouts happen

monthly. like a salary.
'a what?'

we will send the artist an invoice of all of their orders + details for the period, along with a transfer of the amount to their account.
the artist's dashboard also displays all of their orders.

for the artist-specific faq:

i have a unique release. can we talk


we want to work with artists as much as possible on helping their releases. so yes, we'd love to discuss.

we have a fully custom-designed, custom-built, mobile-first responsive online marketplace with ssl, secure payments, integrated shipping and curation: we can do (almost) anything.

we can (and will) use featured item highlights, pop-up collections, new-release highlights and more, in creating a dynamic, up-to-the-minute and frictionless online space.

how does shipping work

we will process the week's orders over thursday / friday / saturday for collections the following week. you will get an invoice from us of all the items you have sold, to prepare them for the customer/courier journey.

while creating your store, you are asked to choose monday or tuesday: your collection day. our courier collects the items from your address between 9am - 2pm. you can change the day/address, but do so before thursday, and notify us.

we have arranged that the courier will call you an hour before they collect, so you can be ready stress-free. if you will be unavailable at the collection time, you can request with them a shifted time for that day.

we are working closely with shipping partners we trust, with impeccable records. a totally frictionless, effortless experience for both artist and buyer is nb to this working.

for the artist-specific faq, go to:

i'm an artist outside of south africa


this platform is built primarily for south african artists at home + abroad, and for the south african economy and context; but you're welcome here too.

the philosophy is ingrained in the design: local music first. wherever you are in the world, buyers in your city will have collect-from-artist available to them at checkout, with a dropdown displaying the suburb you're in. shipping will display at checkout for south africans.

load up your digital releases for sale, use the platform. upload your merch: customers worldwide will be able to buy it. but you'll have to arrange shipping privately: let them know this in your store bio.

for the artist-specific faq, go to:

i‘m an artist in a township/location

couriers in za don't service townships properly. we're working on this, currently. for now, have your buyers use collect-from-artist as a way to still enable non-shipping sales. then get in touch with us

if you [an artist], are in a township, we want to speak with you. we're developing something specific and powerful, and it couldn't happen without your input.

especially - at least initially - for those in langa. hit us up at account/issues. leave your number/details, we'll call you.

where should I start

there's an artists-only faq within the artist dashboard, visible once your account is made.

but we've put the link to it here. it's artist-specific, and answers that question + more:

Artists | Store Launch

does it cost anything to open a store

your online store is free to open.
but you should spend a minute or two uploading your merch-content nicely to the page, and adding the relevant details. works on a small commission on sales, detailed transparently during your store onboarding. by not charging artists tax on payouts, etc, our commission rate is up to 3% lower than, say, large american company we can't name for legal reasons. They are roughly 900,000 times bigger than us but it's a start.

a significant portion of the amount we're allotted is put directly back into the artists, with paid external blog work on them, and creating media around the artists [with stores on the platform]. for the first 3 months, the platform's entire share will be going to charities.

you can look forward to innovative content over the next year.

how curated is // how is curated

the website is entirely monochrome. everything on the website that relates to an artist's benefit, or an artist earning, is in colour.

this contrast is unique to casualsex; please help us keep in line with this curation when creating your own store. colour colour colour. should always be well curated. you should always see + discover artists that take their art seriously, elevating the space around them through what they produce: the site, as it grows, should reflect that.

all store traffic is shared: one artist sending people to their store benefits all other artists on the platform: the essence of a market

basically: no low-resolution or pixellated images, or sloppy photos. this store is built for accessibility, but please do your best to upload quality content.

music artists: you should have released music already prior to joining visual artists: you should have exhibited, or be creating art to a professional standard and taking your work seriously as an artist. we are not the space for hobbyists, although we support engagement with the arts at any level. x

between creating a store --> going live, what happens

creating a store is easy. if your profile/store is not completed within 2/3 days, we disable it. You can still work on it, but it will be invisible within the platform until you begin adding items/products. this keeps looking good and working well.

once you're up:

one of us will make contact if your store needs tweaking. you can also get in touch with us, via the ''after-hours queries'' option inside your artist dashboard.

you can use your custom store url, for your social media bio or elsewhere.

• your store launches: your fans can easily and securely buy your creations, with low-cost national and worldwide shipping.

have a cool launch idea? hit us up.

weight of products

don't have your own, suspiciously crusty gram scale? that's fine.
weights should be fairly accurate but needn't be exact to the gram.

here are some average weights you can use when uploading your items:

cd | 90g
cassette | 70g
vinyl 7 | 100g
vinyl 10 | 180g
vinyl 12 | 330g
vinyl 12 x2 | 450g

t-shirt | 180g
beanie | 50g
bucket hat | 70g
peak cap | 110g
tote bag | 100g
mug | 350g

5x10mm metal badge | 4g
10x10mm plastic badge | 2g



we've worked, for quite some time, on a competitive shipping rate for national shipping.

wherever you are in sa, for almost every type of potential order: R99 from the artist's front door to yours

the store also organises, processes, deploys and tracks all shipping, and handles all customer-care for every shipment.

what's the inspo?
most artists we've spoken to [we spoke to over 200 artists alone while developing] get their shipping prices down by subsidising out of their own pocket: they can't achieve custom-rates as a single shipper, and lose a lot of money and time.

by pooling shipping through one registered platform, we can improve the time and money spent by customers + artists on making their wares available nationwide, and worldwide too.

*these rates available exclusively for artists/customers, but chat to us if we can help you


same sort of vibe as 'national'.
we've managed to cut worldwide shipping rates practically in half.

have your new vinyl bumping in someone's berlin kitchen or egyptian lounge by next weekend; at half the buyer's-cost, and with none of the hassle.

needing an x-mas present - that doesn't disappoint - for the ageing british relatives? send them the new black math vinyl. just plug in their address at checkout and voilà, christmas is now in 5/4.

*these rates are available exclusively to artists/customers, but chat to us if we can help you

can I ship from non-sa country to non-sa country

yes you can, but for now that's up to you to organize yourself.

we might integrate that functionality down the line, but it currently isn't relevant to an sa-artist benefit platform.

your buyers should just select ‘collect-from-artist’ at checkout, after which you can organize things privately.

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