urban wilderness [versions] | digital ep


urban wilderness [versions] | digital ep

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1. Urban Wilderness


2. Urban Wilderness (Reimagined)


3. Urban Wilderness (Instrumental)


4. Urban Wilderness (Reimagined) [Instrumental]


5. Urban Wilderness (Live at Artscape)


6. Urban Wilderness (Swift Mix)



“Urban Wilderness” is a mid-tempo electronica song with cinematic textures and subtle allusions to EMERGER's jazz influence. Emma de Goede delivers a captivating performance with her rich voice and soaring vocal melody. Dreamy instrumentals flow as an arabesque of piano, guitar and synthesizer melodies, which is climaxed by an interplay between jazzy vocals and a crooning flugelhorn solo. “I wrote this song as a homage to Cape Town. In essence it’s about wanting to see where life can take you, while staying grounded in your roots,” says Gerry Matthee. “It’s such a beautiful city, beaming with contrasts between nature and urban sprawl. There really is no place else like it.”