THOR RIXON - profit / loss | vinyl


THOR RIXON - profit / loss | vinyl

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Thor Rixon blesses us with a 5-Track EP cut at 45RPM on a Limited Edition 10" Vinyl, entitled "Profit/Loss."

A blend of laid-back grooves, soulful Motown cool and funky, sun-drenched electro-pop culminate in this compelling release. "Profit/Loss" hits right in the feels, containing songs of unrequited love, loss and longing set against the most beautiful transcendental sunset as a backdrop.

"Why Don't You Love Me" starts the narrative and sets the mood of this perfect paradox. It's a feel-good pop sensation from the get-go, combining warm keys, funky bass and sweet melodies to win over hearts upon first listen. It's the vibe from here on out, followed by bangers such as "Lies", singalongs such as "Won't Stop Crying" and instant dance floor greats such as the hypnotically groovy "Dark Side".

The 5-track EP ends with "Strangers 4eva"... What starts as the dreamiest lo-fi track-of-the-year slowly escalates into the funkiest funkin' down-tempo funk jam, packed with surprises every two-step of the way. From start to finish, "Profit/Loss" offers a great listen time and time again.

December 2020, "Profit/Loss" was released on a Limited Edition 10" Vinyl