The Catalyst Mixtape

LIL Prodigy

The Catalyst Mixtape

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The Catalyst Mixtape was burn out of a word of wisdom from Lil Prodigy's pastor. Who mentioned that Lil Prodigy would set a light, be an example, be a catalyst in his community.

This mixtape has features from a few of Lil Prodigy's favourite rappers from his community.


01. Catalyst
02. Gosp!l (feat. Craig & Kai the Dragon)
03. Controller (feat. Craig)
04. Necessary (feat. Craig)
05. Sunday Morning (feat. Craig & Duane J)
06. Goodbye (feat. Duane J & Kai the Dragon)
07. Like Us (feat. Kai the Dragon, Duane J & Craig)
08. Khumalo (feat. Kai the Dragon)
09. Edification (feat. Duane J & Craig)
10. Catalyst Cypher (feat. Kai the Dragon, Duane J, Jaydon, Layce & Craig)
11. Outro
12. Goodbye [Remix] (feat. Duane J)

*Tracks 5 & 9 were produced by WAYNOz the DJ. Tracks 7, 10 & 11 were produced by Kai the Dragon.
*All tracks were mixed and mastered by Kai the Dragon.