reverse:universe | cd album
reverse:universe | cd album


reverse:universe | cd album

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Desolation, global sterilization, reanimation. Into the depths of a black hole. Into the expanse of a new universe

The album is more about what is not said than is. Certainly a warning told through a fantastical lense of space travel & galactic warfare. Within the context of the story & the concept behind it, humans must evacuate earth due to deteriorating living conditions and find something new for themselves, which is where the album picks up. Traversing the black hole brings with it the bizarre transformation to mice beings which then brings upon the unexpected in the expanse of a totally new universe where everything that was known is not and must be reestablished for the last of the human/mice population. An impoverished mice planet in need of liberation ruled by cruel cat-like creatures bent on universal domination. It is a call for action to make something of the new reality they find themselves in, to save what is left & rebuild.

The album comments on the nature of human beings as greed for power and control dominates our beautiful yet impoverished planet. With knowledge of the state of today's climate and the conditions set in motion by the human race, change is necessary. The...  more

Released February 6, 2020

Recorded & Produced by MOUSE at Red Saint Records

Music by Damon Miles & Christopher Chay

Artwork by Anais Gars