Projection of Consciousness
Projection of Consciousness
Projection of Consciousness


Projection of Consciousness

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25 x 25 cm Digital Collage printed on A3 Felix Schoeller True Fibre True Matt Hi-White 230gsm  

Artwork by Margaux Loubser

At the special launch price of R290 this artwork is now available in a limited addition of 10 prints. Hand signed by the artist.

Artist's inspiration:

A generally held idea that confuses our understanding of consciousness is what scientists call the naive view of consciousness: the implicit assumption that our ordinary consciousness is somehow natural and given. It’s the assumption that we simply see the world as it is; that the reality which is in our head - in our consciousness - is the same reality which is out there. Applied to the social landscape, this means that we think there is a simple, real, physical world out there. One where we can interact and communicate because we are all a part of the same reality. 

But that is simply not true. Each person holds within them a whole universe that others are not able to comprehend. And never could. The only reality we could understand is our own. In connecting with people and getting to know each other, we create to a shared reality. Holding space for and accepting another’s reality is the only way we can transcend ourselves.