Ingozi x Ulenni Vol.1


Ingozi x Ulenni Vol.1

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The first offering from the ongoing collaboration between Ulenni Okandlovu and Ingozi Sound Machine. 
About the Artists:

Ulenni Okandlovu is a multidisciplinary artist from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. His music, videos and visual art are at the forefront of a blossoming scene in the African nation.

Ingozi Sound Machine is a duo of singer Lauren Alegre (USA) and producer Donovan Russell (South Africa). They are based in Oakland, California where they co-founded COAMB Collective, a group of exploratory pop musicians.

About the releases:

The first two singles from this collaboration are Ungaphazamisi (Don’t Disturb) and Idolobha Elikhulu (The Big City).

On them Ulenni flows between isiNdebele and English in a style that osculates between hard rap-like verses and soulful melodies.