In the Palm of Power
In the Palm of Power
In the Palm of Power


In the Palm of Power

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25 x 25 cm Digital Collage printed on A3 Felix Schoeller True Fibre True Matt Hi-White 230gsm  

Artwork by Margaux Loubser

At the special launch price of R290 this artwork is now available in a limited addition of 10 prints. Hand signed by the artist.

Link to episode that inspired this artwork:

Episode 15

Artist's inspiration:

The female body has been represented differently throughout history. 

But the Western perspective of the female body is dominant in popular culture. The ideal of female beauty and sexuality in films, magazines, the music industry etc. has put requirements on the female form in order for it to be considered desirable, hygienic and “right”. 

This includes the hairlessness of specific parts of a woman's body. 

In episode 15, Jana and Nicolene consider the resemblance of this ideal representation to that of a prepubescent girl. The desirability of the women’s body in her presexual state is an unsettling and fascinating phenomena. 

What feelings does this thought evoke in you?