hallucination christmas [2020] | digital album


hallucination christmas [2020] | digital album

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"Appropriately released on the eve of Halloween, 'HALLUCINATION CHRISTMAS' is the debut full length LP by South African experimental post-rock artist Her Stems Spiral. Compiled and recorded over a 3 year period, the album was initially shelved for quite some time due to a devastating harddrive failure containing all tracks, stems and demos, with the addition of various lost tracks never to be recovered. Luckily, after the resurrection of thirteen unfinished demo tracks, 'HALLUCINATION CHRISTMAS' finally gets to see the light of day. Unavoidably heading towards a lo-fi aesthetic; this could arguably be considered some of Her Stems Spiral's most reflective work to date; blending together post-rock, math-rock, electronica, shoegaze, metal, glitch, noise and a plethora of experimental jargon. Due to the unavailability of the original album files, unfortunately there was no room for final mix, monitoring, extensive editing, mastering and most importantly - vocal retakes. This vulnerable and undeniably raw body of work encompasses the turmoil and frustration surrounding the "what could have beens" - alas, it is what it is, and that's alright. They say that the closing of one door leads to the keys of many, and that will certainly show in future as evolution inevitably takes hold".

All music and lyrics composed, recorded and produced by Shannon Lawlor (Her Stems Spiral)

Artwork photograph originally taken by Lewis W. Hine (Washington D.C. Circa, 1920 "Margaret Clark. - A Christmas tree with all the trimmings and a Buick")

*"Tern, Tern, Tern the Numbers" dialogue sample lifted from the classic 2001 survival-horror video game Silent Hill 2. No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved by Konami. (Please don't sue me!)