Ground. Breathe. Connect.
Ground. Breathe. Connect.
Ground. Breathe. Connect.


Ground. Breathe. Connect.

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25 x 25 cm Digital Collage printed on A3 Felix Schoeller True Fibre True Matt Hi-White 230gsm  

Artwork by Margaux Loubser

At the special launch price of R290 this artwork is now available in a limited addition of 10 prints. Hand signed by the artist.

Link to episode that inspired this artwork:

Episode 13

Artist's inspiration:

It’s easy to think of self-care only in terms of face masks, Netflix binges and ordering your fave pizza. For Gandhi, self-care is also a political act.


He believed that you have to work on yourself so you can be better aligned to the love-force. To erode systems over time takes patience, consistency and self-discipline.

He encouraged his fellow protestors to pledge the following: “it shall be my duty to keep myself physically, mentality and morally fit”