Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf


Gold Leaf

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Upcycled Casted Plaster Pot painted with acrylic medium

Coated with bitumen on the inside

Painted Pots Series

  • These artworks can be functional but should be treated with absolute care. 
  • Because of the nature of the paintwork you should not soak or scrub them. 
  • The pot can be clean with a dry or slightly moist cloth with no detergents on. 
  • Inside each pot there is a glass jar that can hold flowers. Do not put water directly into the artwork. 
  • If you want to put a living plant in the artwork, plant it in a smaller pot that can fit inside the pot. Be sure to put a drainage tray underneath the plant so excess water doesn’t leak into the artwork. 
  • Best used to display dried flowers or just as is. 
  • Perfect imperfections: some of the artworks got little nicks in their previous lives. Instead of discarding these beautiful shapes I make chips and cracks part of the artwork by painting them gold. 
. // shipped by cslsx, or collect-from-artist.