Bridging Worlds
Bridging Worlds
Bridging Worlds


Bridging Worlds

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25 x 25 cm Digital Collage printed on A3 Felix Schoeller True Fibre True Matt Hi-White 230gsm  

Artwork by Margaux Loubser

At the special launch price of R290 this artwork is now available in a limited addition of 10 prints. Hand signed by the artist.

Link to episode that inspired this artwork:

Episode 14

Artist's inspiration:

In episode 14 we talked about a psychedelic state of mind and how our spaces can reflect that. Read the excerpt below from Margaux’s thesis:

“A psychedelic state of mind is being in the liminal state between this world and the next. The physical world and the spirit world both have their own order, but in the liminal state between them, the worlds seem to merge and collide. Where certainty is a closing of the mind, the psychedelic consciousness is mind-expanding. It allows both more of the physical world and the spirit world to be understood.“

“As humans, we are in the world, but not of it. We cannot completely leave the physical world, but we can enter into the space where both exist simultaneously. That is what this building is to be: the threshold between this world and the next made visible. As a building that dwells in the subconscious, it undermines the logical order of the world outside: a building between place and non-place. The building itself becomes a threshold. It is at the same time hyper contextual and not of this world. It takes what is suggested by the site and elevates it to an experience that challenges normative perceptions. It does not conform to the everyday, but allows us to see more of what life could be.”