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an education | digital ep

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A genre defying five track debut EP An Education after over a year of introspective and committed studio time, arranged amid a productive local and national performance schedule as both a solo act and part of various ensembles.

MISSU’s debut EP leverages time spent focused on personal growth and collaborative learning to create a percussive, rhythmic core backed by a beat-orientated writing technique laser-focused on eliciting eclectic groove, bounce and a compulsive reason for audiences to move.

Inspired by his teenage punk background, MISSU writes and creates with the intention of sounding ‘heavy’. His performances and production translate this ethos into the act of producing pure loudness, expression and physical sensation. MISSU’s EP is the culmination of this desire to experience the “release of making sounds that are bigger than me”.

An Education began to take shape when he relocated to Durban after cutting his performance teeth over four years in Cape Town’s lesser known clubs and, in his own words, “shit house parties”. His return signaled the resumption of an expressive education where he ‘learned to create again’.

Aided by friend and close collaborator Daniel Basckin, MISSU began to transform his creative impulses into a cohesive set of songs, which were eventually recorded, mixed and mastered by Basckin at his private studio in the greater Durban area.

“Dan and I have worked together on several projects together so we already had an understanding in the studio. It really helps when you know the team you’re working with. Dan understood my sound and knew how to make it flourish.”, says MISSU of the recording process.

Led by genre mashing single Dilemma, which debuted on 6 July 2018 accompanied by a Luke Nelson directed video, MISSU’s EP is packed with explosive features from renowned local artists including Red Robyn, Costa Besta, Robin Thirdfloor and Moonchild Sanelly.

MISSU wasted no time in using every track to create a distinct emotional and narrative impact, reflected in the collaborative approach he pursued by centering each featured artist as the crux of his songwriting process.

The result is an EP replete with entrancing, conversational contradictions in tension, tone and mood which rewards curious listeners with hidden sonic depth and endlessly addictive beats.

“An Education addresses what I learned in Durban in terms of my own artistic identity from the city and its culture, which found its way into the way the EP sounds.”, says

MISSU, “Connecting with other artists was the true joy of making this music and pursuing its artistic vision. The process was the product. Working with my some of my favourite local artists was the goal.”