africans from outta space | digital ep


africans from outta space | digital ep

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Afronaut’s genre-busting, 6 track debut ep, Africans From Outta Space


The debut EP by Soweto three-piece Afronaut released on December 11th, 2020, delivering six memorable tracks for music fans across the globe. The record is a full-frontal sonic assault from Fumane “Fumez on the Mic” Mahane (vocals), Thulasizwe “Thulas” Nkosi (guitar) and Zakhele “Zakes” Mangwanyane (violin), that marks out the band as one of the most exciting to have emerged from South Africa this year.


Much of this has much to do with the sheer dynamism and energy embedded in the music, which draws inspiration from an expansive terrain. Blues, rock, punk, pop, country and folk surface in the – at times sprawling - mix that recalls the primal impulse of early Iggy Pop, the brooding vocals of Howlin’ Wolf and the boiled down rock essence of the Ramones.


But, at its heart, Africans from Outta Space reflects Afronaut’s particular location in Soweto where the three-piece is based.