a temporary escape | ep


a temporary escape | ep

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Originally released 15/11/2016

I Suppose Ja
presents the debut EP from FRNGE:

FRNGE - A Temporary Escape

1 [ no obj. ] break free from confinement or control

This year has been an extremely personal journey for me. I often found myself in situations where i had the need to runaway from my problems and just forget about everything around me,
but obviously this sense of escape isn’t permanent, it remains

This escape wasn’t always an escape from a negative situation, but can also be a positive escape to enjoy something.
This EP is my debut collection of tracks as FRNGE, I wanted to make myself proud of what I have created

Thank you for listening


Recorded, produced and mixed by FRNGE.
Mastered by Zain Wolf.

Cover Design by Kevin Radebe
Booklet design by Kevin Radebe & Francois Maritz.

This Download also Includes a PDF Booklet and Wallpapers.