a muddled mess
a muddled mess
a muddled mess
a muddled mess


a muddled mess

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'A muddled mess'
Multimedia collage
A4 (210 x 297mm)

The fourth in a series of 12 collages. 

"It left my tender young soul raw.
Unable to acknowledge what had happened, I buried it.
Still, stories ran abound. Was it a badge of honour, or a brand of disgrace?
I lost myself. A muddled mess."


This series of collages is a journey into the shadows. It was an exercise in taking ownership of my experience through a process of enquiry, raw expression, deconstruction and rewriting the narrative. Discovering the beauty in darkness. Through it I was able to shine light on a hidden aspect of my psyche, thereby coming to a fuller expression of my being. Acceptance, integration and finally, surrender.